From average people with knowledge of the paranormal to Spiritualists as well as those gifted with Pk........the hunt for the supernatural that can not rest continues on.
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 Gifted Humans

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PostSubject: Gifted Humans   Gifted Humans EmptySun Sep 08, 2013 9:55 pm

1. Gifted humans are truly not limited in what gifts that they have, however they are most commonly known for having Esp or P.K.

2. Esp~ esp includes but is not limited to Telepathy, Astral Projection. Precognition. Post cognition to name a few.

3. The P.K. System.

Hunter's typically break down Telekinetic into three categories. P.K-S.T, P.K.-M.T. and P.K.-L.T

Psyco-kenetic Static Transmission~ THe ability of the user to affect sationary targets.

Psyco-kenetic Movement Transmission~ The ability of the user to affect moving targets. .

Neither of these two are alive.

Psyco-kenetic lift transmission~ the ability of the user to affect living targets.
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Gifted Humans
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