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  Toshihiro Yuudai

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Character sheet
Name: Toshihiro Yuudai
Age: 19
Occupation: Demon Hunter

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Full Name: Toshihiro Yuudai
Meaning of Name: Wise great hero
*Nickname: Toshiro
Sex: Male
Job Class: Demon Hunter

Human Appearance
Age: 19
Eye Color: Light Golden Brown
Hair Color: Light Sandy Blonde
Type of Build/Body: Tall lean and well-built he’s muscular and athletic obviously from a lot of physical activity that is well balanced he’s not too built to be bulked up nor too thin the perfect balance for high speed and strength when fighting against creatures that should not possibly exist…..
Distinguishing Marks: His earlobes are pierced once in the lobes and along the cartilage of the ears going up them are several silver studs. The metal is not normal as it is made with a special forging technique that has them fused during creation with holy oils and waters. A sort of divine protection he is wearing at all times.

School/Church/Temple affiliated with: Yuudai Temple
Skills: Dual-Wield Blades with Divine Water.
Twin Swords Technique- He always carries with him two swords. One blade is solid silver the other is cast out of what appears to be solid gold. The two swords One called the Solar Solace and the other Lunar Lullaby are crafted to be Demon slaying weapons are have been handed down through the Yuudai family line for generations. He is not the oldest child in fact he was an accidental birth. But they did not forsake him and instead like the rest of his family before him he went through the training and unlike the others mastered the dangerous but highly effective dual-wield technique.
Yuudai Secert Technique Shinning Start- A very dangerous sword art that can end badly for both parties. Toshiro is swinging the blades fast, faster the demon can dodge effectively leaving behind what appears to be shimmering particles of light trailing off of  the blade bits of ‘PK’ that are being left behind discharged from the sheer force speed and power of the strokes one after another. The twin blades do there damage Lunar Lullabye seems to become enveloped in what looks like sheer water divine purifying water where, as the Solar Solace seems to pick up any water that is left in the air evaporating it instantly and igniting with it burning up and setting off as if a blazing sun on the ground. One wrong move and the sword master of this art can kill himself as easily as himself or those around him who are not his intended targets.
Art of Water Divination- Those of the Yuudai temple have the ability to water bend making water dance and bend to their wills doing everything from freezing in the air around them, to watering plants and even purfying and healing wounds. Everything and anything that can be done with water the Yuudai family can do and the family does not allow a child to begin intense weapons training until the child shows mastery over the natural elements of either Water or Fire. Those who can water bend can also see short time’s into the future only as far as the water can flow around them a short distance but this does not make it perfect for aspects of the future are always changing.

Art of Fire Divination- Those of the Yuudai clan if they are not calm enough for water may have gained fire from their fathers side and as such they can bend all aspects of the all mighty flame up to and including lighting. They can use flames to keep others warm to melt things and even should the need arise create barriers. While seeing into the future is not so much an talent of fire benders it does not detour them. Normally the Yuudai clan members only gain one or the others talent. Very rare does an Yuudai come along born with the ability to wield both and then….have mastery in both fire and water form Whale Island.  But he didn’t know to become a master hunter he was going to have to…..
In order to wield an Yuudai weapon enchanted by the temple priestess and monks of the family the child that they are making the weapons for walks between both worlds of his mother and father and then….

Aimee- Toshihiro is able to summon a creature a being that is almost Elvin in appearance at times a water spirit that assists him and can heal him if he is injured being cursed to live until the day the gates break and he dies sealing them does not mean he can’t be hurt and so she heals him and helps him when summoned. Aimee is able to also take on a form of a water dragon to do battle against higher ranking demons and Oni that are summoned into this world things that are so large so massive that a normal human even with scythe or sword are not capable of fighting without assistance.  Toshihiro Yuudai 61135_10

Attitude/Personality: Toshiro is a quiet young man always under the pressure of preforming since he is without a doubt the youngest and therefore having to perform in the shadow of six older brothers and four older sisters. Each were said to be a genius before he came along but with his unforeseen birth they had thought he would be always lagging behind them. Among his ten brothers and sisters of the Yuudai family he is the only one currently that wields the twin blades. They are passed down as a set never to be given separately to anyone. His parents had thought that no one in this generation would gain the blades and that the House of Yuudai would fail at their duties to protect the lands form the demons and other dark spirits that arise from time to time.

He is mostly alone now traveling across the country side. Searching out and taking down the various different demons and things that people end up bringing into the world. The Yuudai family is the family who is in charge of protecting the seven demon gates located in various hidden places throughout Japan’s lush country side. His ten brothers and sisters are stationed at each of the seven gates either singly or together in a pair depending on their strengths while he the odd man out travels and searches out those foolish enough to summon a demon bypassing the gates and risking all that is.
He also goes and looks for the small temples and shrines hidden in various places that maintain Karmantic balance and kneels before them praying but make no mistake unlike most holy men he isn’t your normal type. He won’t go preaching about the virtues to you and he won’t try to preach about saving your soul. In fact….just the opposite….you see his is not overly welcome back home and they can’t take his swords back….but as far as he’s concerned if you summon the demon you die with the demon….he’s often cut down not only the demon who was summoned into this world but the person who so summoned it into this world casting innocent life into the pits. It makes Toshiro out to be a cold person as far as his family is concerned.

Images For character:  Toshihiro Yuudai 17763310

History: Toshiro is the youngest of the House of Yuudai and often called the Mistake of the family because he unlike his siblings is not and was not wanted. Although no one is sure if he is his fathers on or if he is something else. Unlike the rest of his family he is able to do what is a feat that has not been able to do in several generations wield the family heirloom swords that once sat upon the mantel. They no longer sit in the family shrine now they are once again out in the world as his grandfather looked at him able to use both of the family attibutes and said that according to the laws of the Yuudai family he is the rightful heir of the blades and that also meant that he unlike his elder brothers and sisters would  not a have a gate that he would be assigned to protect with one of his siblings as the blades would never be stationary at any one gate but traveling always across Japan in order to keep there immense aura in the hands over there master moving and cleansing the lands of the demons that were summoned.
All Toshiro knows is that now he is cast out, the way back the hidden village where the Yuudai temple was sealed to him the swords would return to the temple should he die or so he was told and form this point forward he was to travel endlessly alone throughout the lands. He would never again see family his mother shed not a tear when she saw him off simply staring cooly at him as if expecting him to go but then again in a family of traditional long standing Japanese he is the only child with blonde hair. Some in the family say that his is his mothers shame that one night she went out late and had a twist with a creature that was not human, and that that twist bore him into the world wither or not that is true he does not know. All he does know? Toshihiro is now endlessly traveling through the lands Japan a solitary man doomed to protect the seals until the day he dies….and he another thing….he has learned that because he is the heir of the twin blades that he also inherited the curse of the blades…..he will live until he will is killed by something…..greater more powerful and normally from what he was told he will only be able to die now in a demonic battle….that he will live until the day the gates seals are broken and the demons loosened again into the world that he will fight until the gates are sealed and then and only then will he die as he is bound to the swords and once the gates are sealed then his life will end becoming the sacrifice, the seal, bond and enchantment that once again seals the gates and the swords would return to the temple until another is born who is capable of wielding them and taking on the curse of souls within the blades. Doomed to live until such a time….no matter how many times someone cuts him down until then…..all he can do is wander. And all he can do is wait it is rumored and he was taught there was one before him a guardian who snapped and release the gates in order to be able to die and then he did… there is him centuries later. His brothers placed bets that he would snap sooner or later and he would come and they would fight him to protect the gates. They sneered at him telling him that although he was the ‘cursed’ brother and they may not be able to kill him there were ways they could seal him until he came back to his senses.

Toshiro ignored them and walked out…..he would not snap no matter how much time passes. After all….what was the point in snapping and ending his life. Unlike them who would pass on….if he died his soul would shred apart becoming part of the seal of the seven gates. A sacrifice to save all that is or so he was told. Another legend is that his soul would fuse into the grand gate forever and it was there it anchored the rest until some fool overpowered the strength of his soul and once again opened it but  either way….he would never know rest in death he would never know peace. So why then die? Just to endlessly exist in such a state? No….he would continue to wander through the Isles of Japan at least this way…even if he was cursed to this seemingly immortality he wasn’t stuck forever in one place holding a gate shut.
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Toshihiro Yuudai
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