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 Whoops Should have listened.....

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Whoops Should have listened..... Empty
PostSubject: Whoops Should have listened.....   Whoops Should have listened..... EmptySat Aug 01, 2015 7:43 pm

It was nothing good, what they were doing and they had started it long ago, long long ago. Carved into the stone ground was a deep pentagram, inside the open spaces carved into the stone ground were odd twisted markings. At twelve spots were smaller pentagrams with twisted markings and standing in each one of them were a shadowed hooded figure each standing chanting and attempting to summon dark creature. In the center of the room a girl of unknown origin tied down and then she was gone and a horrible twisted creature was brought forth, summoned into the room and head gathered there held up twelve photo's. Twelve pictures of people that they wished to get rid of. That would stand in there way as they stand there way.  The creature was not happy to be summoned here was not happy to be brought forth into this world and even less happy about the terms of the spell that bound it. But it turned it's head and grabbed the pictures looking at the first image. Bound to do as it was summoned for it would go and kill as it was requested to do and then when it returned it would consume them as the final price.

In a puff of smoke it was gone. To get the first one.......
Narumi Hakushoku'yurei stood there watching the large wall of tv's giving the news feed just like everyone else. The feed was talking about the recent murders in the central park. The Cherry blossom's falling in the park where the victims were found. Nine different people all killed in a manner that the press was not releasing and as he looked his cell went off and he lifted it. "Moshi Moshi?" He said as he answered the phone. "Hai this is Narumi Hakushoku'yurei." He said and listened. Someone form the Diet building was calling him about the very murders he was watching on the screen's right now. Could he come in and hear the case....There was more much more then the press was allowed to speak about or cause wide spread panic and mass hysteria.

"I'll be there." he said having a feeling that this was indeed very important. He got the time and hung up then turned and began to walk out to head there within the hour he was to meet with the Chief of police and several others there. But he would not be meeting there alone. Narumi sighed as he shot off a text to Lin letting him know where and when and got an instant message back in bold text. Not one or two....but a string of them.
I will be meet you there.
Do not do anything brash
No scratch that DO NOT DO ANYTHING until I get there.
I mean it Narumi wait for me.
Do NOT go this ALONE
Narumi do you hear me???

Narumi sighed as he was about to do just that and Dial the ex-monk as he was walking towards the exit of the mall when his phone blitzed one more time with another message....

Do not use it
Do not risk even a little bit of it.
Naru don't forget it'll kill you.
It's not worth it.
I'm about an hour and a half away. If you really can't wait for me then get Gungen and wait for him. But wait for one of us.
Don't even humor the idea of using it.
If you don't call him I will.
I mean it Naru......
Don't even think of using it. Your heart can't take'll kill you....
Wait for back up.

Narumi sighed as he paused just inside the lobby to the mall as he knew now he could send a message back to Lin as this would be a brief break. Long enough for him to be able to respond to him. A simple one.
'Can't call Gungen if you keep blowing up my Phone, relax I'm only going to meet with them right now and if you stop blowing up my phone Lin I can call Gungen and find out how close he is. Besides Gungen has a way of knowing when I'm being called lately. He shows up even before I call you at times and we have a chance to determine if it's an actual case or not. I'll see you when you get here.'

Once he sent it and typed it quickly enough to get it through he sent it off and then looked out at the rain clouds over head. Looking up Narumi sighed it would be a long walk to the Diet building in the rain then Dialed Gungen's number, bringing the phone up to his ear as he leaned against the lobby entrance looking out. He could hear the sound of the ringer in his ear as he looked at the setting sun the colors fading slowly into nightfall but it was what he saw beyond that.....what he didn't intend to see as he stared off into the distance.

A girl running for her life and some sort of twisted shadow chasing after her. She kept shooting frightened glances over her shoulder and running half staggering as she did. But this shadow was racing towards her attempting to catch up to her attempting to was not a good thing.

"Damn..." He said lowly as he looked at his phone, flipping it shut as he ran out into the rain that started to fall in sneakers a jean jacket and tank top and jeans. He was running grabbing space and trying to get to get to her. Clutching his phone in his hand as he ran in the rain he arrived to the spot the girl....he had seen her mere moments stop in his vision and looked about his white hair flying about his frame even in such heavy rain not out long enough to soak it down yet and then a the shadowy creature something small and twisted something part of something much larger. It was flying towards Narumi who looked up and dove out of the way hitting the ground and rolling as he did he could see it but to a normal human it would seem as if a twisted shadow. To him it was a monsterous twisted thing....fangs and claws and it slid hitting the ground and started to move towards him again. Not good....was what was running through Naru's mind as he started to get ready to do what Lin had just yelled about.....he was about to cut loose with his P.K......especially since he hadn't had the chance to dial through to Gungen.....and was out here alone with a C Class demon.....
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Whoops Should have listened.....
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